The first international workshop on “Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Health” was held on 27th of June, 2016 at Washington D.C. USA, in which more than twenty people from several countries participated. The workshop went for more than three and half hours. It was divided into two sessions, named “eHealth in Cloud Environment” and “Novel Applications on Smart and Mobile Devices”, which were chaired by Prof. Dechang Chen, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Firstly Professor Chandan Reddy (Senior Member of IEEE, Wayne State University, USA) presented a keynote speech entitled “Survival Regression and Transfer Learning Methods for Patient Risk Prediction”. Soon after this, the first paper, titled “Clustering Cancer Data by Areas between Survival Curves” was presented. The second paper presented was on “Large Scale Cloud-Based Deformable Registration for Image Guided Therapy”. After this, three more papers were presented in a row, one after the other, whose tittles are “Bring Biomedical Ontologies to Personalized Healthcare: A Smart Inquiry Framework”, “BigEAR: Inferring the Ambient and Emotional Correlates from Smartphone-based Acoustic Big Data”, and “A Mobile Cloud Computing Model Using the Cloudlet Scheme for Big Data Applications” respectively.

In the end the international colleagues had some communication about the novelty of the topics discussed in the workshop and the paper presented. The workshop went smooth and fine, as scheduled. It was a professionally managed and well organized event in which researchers and practitioners in mobile computing, biomedical and machine learning showcased the progress, algorithms, and applications of analyzing and extracting knowledge from large-scale datasets for smart and connected healthcare.

The group photo was taken after the first conference. (June 27,2016)